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Our Fashion Designing training is based on the internationally acclaimed pattern-drafting method. Garments made with the pattern drafting method fit better on the human body than the ones designed with the ‘freehand’ method used by most tailors in Nigeria. Pattern drafting, just as the name implies, involves drafting

patterns based on the measurements taken on the human body; these patterns now form a foundation (template) for making suitable garments for the individual. Unlike most fashion design training institutes, BJAY programmes are designed to  help you acquire and develop fashion design, tailoring and entrepreneurship skill required to manage your business successfully. 

Among our students are bankers, civil servant, graduates, undergraduates, and professionals. Realizing the work requirement of most of our students, the time table is designed and arranged to suit their convenience . . 

The training has been divided into 3 stages:

  1. Basic (Foundation) Stage.
  2. Intermediate Stage.
  3. Advanced Stage.

BJay Training Courses

  • Pattern Drafting
  • Sewing Techniques
  • Style Analysis
  • Personality Adaptation
  • Flower Arrangement
  • Bead Making.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Business documentation

Basic (Foundation) Stage: 

As the name implies, this stage is the fundamental stage in which the student is introduced to proper measurement taking, and drafting of Basic Bodice, Shirt, Skirt and Trouser patterns. The Student is also trained on the practical aspect which involves machine control and other sewing techniques.

Upon completion of this stage the student should be able to:

  1. Take proper measurements of individuals.
  2. Draft Basic Bodice, Shirt, Skirt and Trouser Patterns.
  3. Make proper-fitting garments with the patterns mentioned above.
  4. Know basic body shapes and garments that suit each body shape.
  5. Fashion Entrepreneurship
  6. Basic financial records and keeping business records.
  7. Integrated communication in fashion business

Stage 2: Intermediate

In this stage the student is exposed to designing proper. He/she will be taught:

  • Design Analysis (Style Analysis 201)
  • Creating Silhouettes 
  • Dart Manipulation
  • Working with Fullness
  • Contouring 
  • Road to success in managing own business
  • Application of information system in garment business
  • Brand identity, brand image and brand equity.
  • Marketing and sales strategy in fashion business

Stage 3: Advanced Class

This is the advanced class for the student that has passed through the first two stages and is planning on becoming a full fledged fashion professional. This stage involves:

  • Jacket Making
  • Lingerie Making.
  • Wedding Gowns.
  • Mass Production of Garments
  • International business in garment 
  • Raising finance for clothing business.
  • Garment Business regulations 
  • Fashion Computer Aided Design (FCAD)

Register with us today and network with our students with diverse background in banking, professionals, graduates, undergraduates, civil servants and many more.  


Address: No. 14 Sawmill Shopping Complex, Gbagada, Lagos State.

Office No: +234 701 020 0552

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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