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Founded in 2010, BJAY has an impressive long time symbiotic  relationship with its customers in the area of women, men and children's garments. We measure our success by the satisfaction of customers in Nigeria, USA, UK, Ghana and other overseas countries is a good testimony of our reputed brands in our hands.


Clothes they say make the man. And naked people have little or no influence on society. The most basic essential needs of human beings therefore is clothing. Both the rich and poor has common desire to attractive and more importantly to cover their bodies. Garment business therefore is influenced by culture, religion, social attitudes and behaviour.

Nigerian populations which is about 180million is growing at a rapid rate of 3% annually. Though the size of the population does not necessarily translate to volume in all cases, but clothing is a basic needs and necessity. It therefore holds that the growing population can translate to the volume in garment business now and in future. In addition to good return on investment the industry will also create millions of employment. The business question is which segment of garment business do you want to target - rich, middle, poor or the very poor.

At BJAY we focused more on clothes with uniqueness of African fabrics tailored to body size, quality taste and design by our highly trained and experience designers. Designers clothing is in high demand in Nigeria especially by the rich and the middle income people. With modern technology, innovations and continuous training of our employees locally and abroad, we are able to produced designers clothes in wide range of designs colours, patterns and styles with our label 'BJAY Exquisites'. We realized that understanding the trends, taste and preferences in your local areas is key to success in clothing business. 

In order to create varieties of clothing and accessories that informed current trends and future styles, clothing business requires experience fashion designer who are creative and technically skilful. Presently this skills and training institutes are in short supply in the country. Hence, the need for establishment of a world class fashion training academy to bridge the gap.     

As part of our core value, BJAY continue to play the role of employer of choice by putting in place training programme for our employee with a purpose to motivate and retain a highly skilled workforce.


 Services and products

 Ready to Wear

 Haute Couture

 Fashion Accessories

 Wardrobe Management

 Style Consultancy

 Events Management

 Aso Ebi Merchandise, and;

 Fashion Design Training.


We are committed to excellence and ensuring that our customers get a wonderful experience each time they do business with us at BJAY.


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